You may have noticed we recently launched custom characters or Mini-Me, as part of our Creative Services, to help you stand out online.

However, we understand that creation of a Mini-Me is an investment of both your time and money. And we also understand that there are other similar products available.

So we created this blog post to help you understand everything you need to know before buying your mini-me from us.

What is a Mini-Me?

Your mini-me is a stylised digitally drawn representation, or avatar, of you that can be used to boost your online presence. Available in a cartoon style or more realistic version.

Why do I need a Mini-Me?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out online with multiple touch points needed before a sale is made. Research (Feste et al, 2023) shows that e-commerce needs to provide a more personalised approach to online shopping with the use of avatars being one solution.

On another level you may just not like having your photo taken or feel that it can become very repetitive having your photo repeated across your website. Depending on your business you may need to change your imagery across seasons and services. A mini-me is a cost effective way to achieve. A great example of seasonal changes is my Halloween Mini-Me which is I use personally on my crystal website and social media.

What do you get?

You receive a custom designed avatar that will represent you and your business. The final avatar is provided to you as both .png and .jpg files.

How much does my Mini-me cost?

There are a range of options available as follows:

  • Half body cartoon style £35
  • Full body cartoon style £50
  • Realistic style from £50
  • Seasonal tweaks from £20.

Check out our Creative Services to see some of these in action as well as my very own Halloween Mini-Me for my crystal business.

How long will it take until I receive my finished files?

Your Mini-Me can take up to two weeks before it arrives with you. Amy will discuss and agree timescales with you when you place your order.

What will I need to get started?

You will need to give Amy a lot of input so she can get the best mini-me drawn for you. She mainly works from photos and doesn't know you so needs good clear photos and descriptions from you.

Things to include:

  • Good clear photo taken in natural light or by a window
  • Pose that you want to appear in e.g. as a yoga teacher you may wish to supply photos of you in a particular position
  • What items do you use for work, these help your avatar show what you do and make you relatable. This can be as simple as an artist holding a paintbrush
  • What do you wear, think jewellery, types of clothing you wear  - what makes you recognisable as you
  • Your brand colours - my mini-me's are predominantly teal and purple to represent my crystal brand.

How do you send my finished Mini-Me?

You will receive a link, via email,  to a WeTransfer folder once your Mini-Me is finished. No special software is needed, just follow the links and download to your phone/computer.

How do I order my Mini-Me?

Get in touch directly with Amy using the button below. She will then arrange for you to send her photos and anything else she needs from you to create your very own custom avatar.


An Avatar a Day Keeps the Stress Away : The Implementation of Avatars as Technostress Relievers on Online Shopping Websites. Feste J et al (2023) [last accessed October 2023]