Image showing an email marketing graphic with text full mailerlite set-up package

You may have noticed we recently re-launched our Mailerlite set-up package, so you can engage with your audience away from social media.

However, we understand that the package is an investment of £150 and that there are other VAs offering this service. I created this blog post to help you understand everything you need to know before investing your time and money.

What is the Mailerlite set-up package and why did you create it?

The Mailerlite package is to get you up and running with email marketing. Having an email audience reduces your reliance on social media (remember all the posts that got taken down recently) without competing against the constant notifications and distractions from social media. Depending on your audience they may actually prefer to receive emails from you.

We mainly work with micro businesses, who are  heart centred therapists, creative and coaches. They love working with their clients but tend to shy away from 'tech stuff' due to time restraints/skills or just not liking in. There are other email marketing tools available but can have costs attached or not be so intuitive to use. I personally use Mailerlite for my own email marketing.

What is included in the Mailerlite Set-Up Package?

Creating your account including:

  • Setting up your account
  • Creating your profile including adding your social media and website links
  • Verifying your domain if you are using a Gmail or similar email address
  • Setting up your footer so it is GDPR compliant with your details and an unsubscribe link.

Creating your landing page.

Your landing page is where your audience will go to sign up to your mailing list. It allows you to offer a lead magnet or some other value in return for their email address. Part of this will be a form capturing their name, email and other information. The form links directly into your subscriber list, collecting all the email addresses in one page.

Creating your welcome/nurture sequence

This includes:

  • An automation sequence of up to 3 emails sent, at pre-determined time intervals
  • The first email includes sharing the link to a PDF or similar if you are offering a free download
  • The second and third give you the opportunity to share more about you and your business. This increases the know, like and trust factor with your audience as you nurture them providing additional value
  • As we have already set up your account the emails will already have your logo and business details on. We format the emails with text and call to action buttons as needed.

What problems does the package solve?

Most of our clients work solo and can't manage to do everything. By having your package set up for you, you can start building your email list. This will give you a warm audience with some interest in your business that you can nurture through regular emails and newsletters. As this is part of our day to day work we can do it much more quickly than it would take you to do, if you had the time or skills.

How much does it cost and how did you come to to that price?

The price is £150 with you providing the email copy, any images and access to a PDF download if you are offering one. When coming up with the price the following factors were taken into consideration.

  • Benchmarking against the VA market in the UK
  • The time it takes for us to do the task
  • Acknowledgement of our skills and the time it has taken us to build them.

Who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • your business has sufficient income
  • you just don't have the time to do it yourself
  • you don't like the tech
  • you know what to say but struggle with laying it out.

Who is this not for?

  • if you are brand new to business and don't have regular income yet
  • you love tech and with a couple of YouTube videos could probably work out how to do it yourself.

How long does set-up take you?

Once we have your payment and text etc. it can take up to a week. It can often be sooner, it depends on how much other work we currently have going on.

What will I need to send to you?

Once you have paid you will receive a guide setting out what we need from you. This includes:

  • Email address for the account to be set up in
  • Text for the 3 emails and landing page
  • Information you want collected from your subscribers
  • Your logo, a profile picture and your brand colours
  • Your physical address
  • Hyperlinks to your website (if you have one) and various social media
  • Link to your downloadable PDF
  • Any images you want included.

How do I send everything to you?

As no financial information is being shared we are happy to receive the above by email. However, if you have large files or are more comfortable then we will accept via WeTransfer.