Writing on a viva magenta circle with a fuzzy peach background

Every year I keep an eye out for the new Pantone Colour of the Year. For me the jury is still out on how much I’ll be embracing Fuzzy Peach but it certainly still has something to say.

Fuzzy Peach: A Touch of Comfort and Nostalgia

Imagine a colour that wraps you in warmth, reminiscent of those cherished scents of bath pearls. That's Fuzzy Peach, the Pantone Colour of the Year. It's like a splash of joy, adding cosiness and whimsy to any space.

Playing with Fuzzy Peach

Consider infusing Fuzzy Peach as those delightful accents in your room - comfy cushions, charming decor pieces. It's like adding happiness, softening the palette, and creating a space that feels like home. I can see it coming into some of my craft pieces but as a softer option to white accents.

Reflecting on Viva Magenta: A Bold Journey

I adore the vibrant Viva Magenta - bold, energetic, and utterly captivating! It beckoned me with its vivacious charm making it the base for my branding, but blending baby blue and blush into my palette was a puzzle at first.

My Colour Palette Adventure

Mixing colours is like finding the perfect blend of flavours for a recipe. Initially, balancing the softness of baby blue and blush with the boldness of Viva Magenta was quite the challenge. But persisting paid off, revealing how they complemented Viva Magenta, creating a stunning harmony. I also took time to listen to my branding expert, she knows her stuff!

The Colourful Essence in Branding & Consistency

The colours in branding are more than just shades; they're emotions, setting the tone for your brand's identity.

Colours speak volumes - they evoke energy, calmness, and emotions. Consistency in using specific colours across all brand elements, including those game-changing social media templates, creates a recognisable and impactful brand identity across diverse platforms. Colours tell stories - they convey values, evoke nostalgia, and carve out your brand's unique space. Choosing distinctive colour combinations gives your brand its own captivating voice.

Embracing Innovation: Branding & Social Consistency

Part of my branding journey involved creating social media templates. These templates transformed my social presence, ensuring consistency across all platforms. They took my brand to the next level, maintaining a consistent and impactful brand identity across various social channels.

Transitioning Into the New: Redefining Brand Identity

Looking ahead, if you're considering a rebrand or seeking to refresh your brand's identity in the New Year, meet Amy Newlands, our creative expert. Amy's innovative vision seamlessly integrates the essence of Pantone's Fuzzy Peach or any palette that resonates with your brand.

Contact us today and embark on a colourful journey of redefining your brand!